Furniture Painting

At Big Finish LLC, we believe making your home look nicer involves much more than simply painting your walls. We offer a furniture painting service to make sure your home’s furnishings fit with the surrounding room. Quality furniture does more than provide you a place to sit or place your things; it complements the look of your room. Furniture design and color are not things to be overlooked; they play an integral role in your room’s design. Make sure your furniture ties the room together as well as it should; hire Big Finish LLC to provide a furniture painting or distressing service, so you can give your entire home the look you need.

Make your table look aged and antique, or make it look like brand new. Make sure your kitchen cabinets complement the colors and style of the rest of your kitchen.

These are just a few of the services we can handle here at Big Finish LLC, in Pensacola, FL.